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Leave the Lights On

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Cape Morgan, Maine, is the utopian ideal for a charmed life, and Beatrice Wicker knows it. The multi-million-dollar house on the sea coast. The joint bank accounts. The safety and security that go along with being married to an esteemed architect and community leader. The scenic coastline, perfect for her ambitious plan to turn an abandoned asylum into an artists’ retreat. So what if her husband sneaks off to see his second family now and again? Beatrice is willing to look the other way. It’s simply the price she must pay to keep their life together.

Josh doesn’t realize that Beatrice knows about his other life. That’s just one of Beatrice’s secrets. And now, that truth—along with a deadly host of other secrets from the past—is about to upend their false paradise.

When there’s an explosion at the local elementary school playground, and a two-year-old boy is abducted, it doesn’t take Beatrice long to make the connection between the missing boy and her husband. It was the son from Josh’s other life who was kidnapped, and Josh can’t do anything about it without revealing the truth.

Helping Josh find his son would destroy the façade of her perfect marriage and could put more children’s lives in danger. But that’s not all. It would reveal her deeper secret: Beatrice Wicker is not who she claims to be.


“Andersson’s follow-up to 2022’s Little Red House is a tense story of domestic suspense…. Andersson smoothly alternates between timelines, whipping Emma and Josh’s mutual deceits into a satisfying climax with plenty to say about the compromises of matrimony. Fans of Sally Hepworth will enjoy themselves.”
Publishers Weekly

“A compelling exploration of the secrets we’ll die to keep, and the secrets we’ll kill to bury. Leave the Lights On is the kind of twisty page-turner that will keep you up all night, with, yes, the lights on!”
—Paula Munier, USA Today bestselling author of the Mercy Carr Mysteries

“How well can you really know anyone? Liv Andersson takes readers on a harrowing journey to the answer in this taut, brilliantly paced psychological thriller full of compelling characters and tight twists that will keep readers turning pages late into the night. I dare you to try and put it down.”
—LynDee Walker, Amazon Charts bestselling author of Tell No Lies

“Andersson weaves together with silky smoothness multiple story lines over the years, and with a surprise at every turn. This new kind of thriller that is psychological, emotional, and chilling bodes well for Andersson’s next masterpiece.”
—John Carenen. award-winning author of Keeping To Himself

“A poetic inevitability emerges from the dark, secret past of damaged lives forever linked. Taut and, at turns, haunting and terrifying, Liv Andersson’s Leave the Lights On twists and turns then twists again, defying readers’ expectations and assumptions about naïveté, betrayal, and revenge. Beatrice Wicker is a compellingly imperfect heroine, whose very survival depends on cunning and endurance in a decades-long game of hide-and-seek. Tense, chilling, and absorbing, Leave the Lights On is a superb psychological thriller.”
—James W. Ziskin, Anthony, Barry, and Macavity Award-winning author of the Ellie Stone Mysteries

Leave the Lights On by Liv Andersson is a wonderful, twisty, and delectably chilling novel that explores how past trauma and choices can come back with a vengeance… It kept me guessing and glued to the page right until the satisfying last pages.”
—Trish Esden, author of the Scandal Mountain Antiques Mystery series

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