The Greenhouse Mystery Series

Rooted in Deceit
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Sowing Malice

Book 6

When lawyer-turned-farmer Megan Sawyer witnesses a seemingly innocent scene between three strangers, she learns they’re headed to the von Tressler memorial—the talk of scenic Winsome, Pennsylvania. The von Tressler family has more money than manners. The newcomers recently bought coveted hilltop property to build their oversized Greek Revival, tempting away local contractors and snubbing the locals.

Soon one of those three strangers goes missing and another is murdered, her body found at Washington Acres—Megan’s family farm. The local police turn to Megan, as she was one of the last people to have seen them both.

With her family’s safety at stake, Megan must pick her way through the von Tresslers’ sordid family secrets and colorful personalities. She discovers that the malice that’s befallen Winsome has roots in the past, and she’ll need to dig deep to weed truth from lies and innocence from guilt, or the body count will grow even higher.

“This is a wonderful book. It captured me from the first chapter, and the twists and turns kept me engaged until I reached the last page. The events and twists all kept me puzzled until Megan figured it out, yet the ending made perfect sense.”
—Carstairs Considers

“Tyson is one of the most talented writers out there. I eagerly await the next in the series. Highly recommended.”
—Any Good Book

Rooted in Deceit
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Ripe for Vengeance

Book 5

It’s late spring in Winsome, and Washington Acres is alive with the sights and sounds of farm life. The flowers are blossoming, the vegetable gardens are thriving, the pollinators are buzzing, and the Pennsylvania countryside has fully awakened from its deep winter slumber. Only this season, rebirth comes with a price.

College friends of Megan’s beau, the handsome veterinarian Dr. Denver Finn, are in Winsome for a corporate volunteer event. They will be mentoring troubled kids from a nearby school during a hiking and camping trip. When one of Dr. Finn’s friends is murdered at the state park, a student—a boy with a brutal history—becomes the prime suspect.

With a teen’s life at stake, Megan digs into the victim’s past to clear the boy’s name. She learns that the victim sowed conflict wherever he went. As Megan worms her way closer to the truth, she realizes her own life is at stake, as well as the lives of those she loves.

“What a delightfully exciting book with just the right amount of an ‘edge!”
Kings River Life Magazine

Rooted in Deceit
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Rooted in Deceit

Book 4

It’s summertime in Winsome. Washington Acres is abloom, Megan is preparing for the grand opening of their wood-fired pizza farm, and things with Megan’s beau, handsome Dr. Finn, are getting as hot as the August temperatures.

But when Megan’s ne’er-do-well father arrives in Pennsylvania with his high-maintenance Italian wife, Sylvia, and announces they’re staying at the new yoga retreat center a town away, a sweet occasion sours.

Eager to secure pieces for her Milan boutique, Sylvia finagles a meeting with up-and-coming artist Thana Moore, whose work is showing at the retreat center. After their explosive encounter, Thana is murdered and Sylvia becomes the prime suspect.

Only Sylvia isn’t the only one with ties to the artist—once upon a time, Thana Moore had been Megan’s best friend. As Megan delves into Thana’s past, piecing together the years since their falling out, she realizes that something sinister is afoot in Bucks County. Unless Megan can find the killer, this idyllic summer will turn nightmarish. Innocent people may be imprisoned—and even more could die.

“Lively characters, a charming setting, red herrings galore, and a satisfying denouement make this entry a winner.”
Publishers Weekly

“Once again, Wendy Tyson masterfully draws readers into the comfortable charms of Winsome only to show that this seemingly idyllic town, and its colorful cast of characters, is far from impervious to the influences of the outside world.”
Criminal Element
Seeds of Revenge
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Seeds of Revenge

Book 3

It may be the holiday season, but the mood in Winsome is anything but jolly.

Megan Sawyer is determined to farm year-round. So much so that she braves a December snowstorm to pitch her fresh greenhouse greens to Philadelphia chefs. And then she sees a stranger stranded on the side of the road. But this woman is no stranger to Winsome. It’s Becca Fox. A love chemist (you read that right). She’s headed to her aunt’s house to sell her love potions at holiday events.

Or so Becca thinks.

Her sneaky aunt only invited Becca home to reunite her with her estranged father. It sounds noble and kind-hearted, until the man ends up dead.

Megan soon finds herself in the middle. She realizes Becca’s not the only one getting iced over. Megan’s own aunt, the famous mystery author, is dragged into the drama. Her novels implicate her and she’s in trouble. Now it’s personal. Megan must follow a cryptic trail of literary clues, all while sifting through the victim’s sordid past. She gets closer to the truth as the murderer gets closer to her.

“Worth a read among the traditional cozies…”
The New York Times Book Review

“Complex characters, interesting twists, and a charming setting add up to a satisfying mystery.”
Publishers Weekly
“Cunning crimes, charismatic characters, and a cozy (if occasionally murderous) community all set this series, and story, apart—as does the authenticity and assuredness with which the author writes.”
Criminal Element

“Although bearing all the hallmarks of a cozy (small town, interesting characters, no sex, little blood), Seeds of Revenge is a complicated and eminently readable mystery.”
Mystery Scene Magazine

“…a page-turning, gritty-cozy tale of mystery and suspense that will keep you guessing until the end.”
—Annette Dashofy, USA Today bestselling author of the Zoe Chambers mysteries

“Just when you think you have it figured out Seeds of Revenge skids in a new direction. This complex plot has more surprises than Christmas morning.”
—Sherry Harris, Agatha-nominated author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery Series
Bitter Harvest
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Bitter Harvest

Book 2

Megan Sawyer should be shouting from the barn roof. Washington Acres survived its first year, the café has become a hotspot for locals, and Winsome’s sexy Scottish veterinarian is making house calls—only not for the animals. But as summer slips into fall and Winsome prepares for its grand Oktoberfest celebration, beer isn’t the only thing brewing.

When the town’s pub owner is killed in a freak accident, Megan suspects something sinister is afoot in Winsome—but no one is listening. As nights grow longer and temperatures chill, Megan must plow through Winsome’s fixation with autumn festivities to harvest the truth—before another dead body marks the season.

“Tyson’s first-rate second Greenhouse mystery stars big-city lawyer turned small-town organic farmer Megan Sawyer, a kind, intelligent, and spirited woman with great integrity. In short, she’s the sort of person cozy readers warm to and root for.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Bitter Harvest is a delightful read. It has everything you could want in a mystery—a spunky heroine with a charming love interest, quirky characters, a setting you desperately want to visit, and a plot that keeps you guessing!”
—Amanda Lee, author of Better Off Thread

“An exceptional cozy, Bitter Harvest offers up a veritable feast for mystery fans… Tyson has crafted a fresh, intelligent, compelling story that’s sure to satisfy.”
—Cynthia Kuhn, author of The Art of Vanishing

“A perfectly-crafted smorgasbord of suspense, family drama and small-town intrigue.”
—Liz Mugavero, Agatha-nominated author of Custom Baked Murder
A Muddied Murder
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A Muddied Murder

Book 1

When Megan Sawyer gives up her big-city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family’s organic farm and café, she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome, Pennsylvania. Instead, her goat goes missing, rain muddies her fields, the town denies her business permits, and her family’s Colonial-era farm sucks up the remains of her savings.

Just when she thinks she’s reached the bottom of the rain barrel, Megan and the town’s hunky veterinarian discover the local zoning commissioner’s battered body in her barn. Now Megan is thrust into the middle of a murder investigation—and she’s the chief suspect. Can Megan dig through small-town secrets, local politics, and old grievances in time to find a killer before that killer strikes again?

“Tyson gives us an evocative sense of place, a bit of romance, and dimensional characters with interesting backstories. Readers are left looking forward to the next book in the series and hankering for organic mushroom tartlets.”
Publishers Weekly
“Charming and entertaining cozy series debut…Megan is a spunky heroine who loves her family and wants to succeed. Readers of animal-centric cozies will flock to this.”
Library Journal

“A phenomenal start to what looks to be a promising mystery series. Tyson packs a lot into this mystery as we get well developed characters, excellent world building, and one darned good mystery!”
Fresh Fiction

“A good story with well-developed, fun characters. And anyone who grew up in a small town will remember ‘roots’ like these quite well. This is the book to enjoy on a nice spring day—sitting back, relaxing, and discovering Washington Acres.”
Suspense Magazine
“A warmhearted mystery with an irresistible cast of characters, two- and four-legged alike. Tyson’s small town setting is a lush bounty for the senses, and the well-structured plot will keep you guessing right up until the satisfying conclusion.”
—Sophie Littlefield, Edgar®-nominated author of The Guilty One
“Tyson grows a delicious debut mystery as smart farmer-sleuth Megan Sawyer tills the dirt on local secrets after a body turns up in her barn. You won’t want to put down this tasty harvest of a story.”
—Edith Maxwell, Agatha-nominated author of Murder Most Fowl

“Tyson weaves an irresistible story with delicious food, scheming villagers, and a secret worth killing for. Her heroine, prodigal daughter of Winsome, PA Megan Sawyer, may not carry a gun, but she’s packing brains, courage, and loads of integrity.”
—James W. Ziskin, Anthony-nominated author of the Ellie Stone Mysteries

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